This website is about literature, but I also work in formal semantics of natural language.

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Cover: Die Stadt, wo man sagt:
            <q>Das ist wunderschön!</q>
            Fuad al-Qa'ud, Fauziya Raschid,
            Ill.: Fuad al-Futaih, Ihab Schakir.
            Edition Orient, Berlin
Die Stadt, wo man sagt:
Das ist wunderschön!
Fuad Qa`ud, Fauziya Raschid,
Ill.: Fuad al-Futaih, Ihab Schakir.
© Edition Orient, Berlin.

I am actively looking for high quality Arabic children's books and Arabic youth literature with subjects which are appealing to a German speaking readership. So far only a few children's books have been translated from Arabic to German as my list Arabische Kinderbücher in deutscher Übersetzung (in German) shows.

A picture book from Lebanon appeared in the publishing house Susanna Rieder Verlag, Munich, in my translation from Arabic to German.

Several picture books from the Arab World in my translation appeared in bilingual Arabic-German editions in the publishing house Edition Orient, Berlin. Edition Orient has published one of these books in different editions: as bilingual picture books in several language combinations and as a multilingual audio book. The audio book was produced in the project Lilo Lausch of Stiftung Zuhören.

Poems for children in bilingual Arabic-German versions in my translation from Arabic can be found in a calendar which is edited by the International Youth Library Munich. This multilingual calendar presents illustrated poems from around the world in the original version together with a translation into German. The first editions of this calendar appeared in the Arche Kalender Verlag. From 2019 until 2022, it was published as Der Kinder Kalender by Edition Momente. From 2023, it is published by Moritz Verlag, again as Der Kinder Kalender.

I am bringing together various texts on Arabic children's literature at this web site. Have a look at its French and German pages, too.

I have a scholarly interest in Arabic children's literature and I am collecting Arabic children's and youth literature. I have a profile on ResearchGate.

My interest in Arabic picture books for children goes back more than twenty years. In the translation of picture books, the interplay between text and illustration plays a central role. My interest in this interplay has let me recently to illustrated literature for adults: On behalf of the Goethe Institute Cairo, I have translated some comics and the main part of a graphic novel for a German-French publication project.

Moreover, I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Language Science and Technology of the University of the Saarland. My research interests for my Ph.D. are in the area of formal semantics of natural language. I am a physicist by training.

This website has been recommended by LITPROM, which promotes literature from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Arab World, and by The German Education Server - The Internet Guide.


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